Carian Kursus

Sinopsis Kursus
Kursus Digital Nexus Percipio adalah koleksi bahan kursus Transformasi Digital yang boleh dicapai secara dalam talian. Ia boleh membantu penjawat awam untuk memahami dan mencari peluang dalam menghadapi cabaran perubahan teknologi semasa.
Objektif Kursus

  1. Understand where technology provides the most value to the organization and how to leverage it
  2. Become more knowledgeable at a basic level about engineering, analytics, systems, design thinking, Agile, and user experience
  3. Identify the potential of technological innovations and determine the revenue-generating possibilities of pursuing them
  4. Be ready to spot opportunities for re-framing or extending traditional business models to include a stronger digital dimension
  5. Understand the range of ways that digital technologies can be leveraged internally to:
    a) Enhance communication and collaboration
    b) Increase innovation and streamline operations
    c) Improve the performance of individuals and teams